All your texts. In one place. Always.

Ulysses III is a brand-new writers’ environment built around a revolutionary text engine. It combines the very best concepts of minimal markup with the power, beauty and simplicity of OS X.

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Ulysses uses so-called minimal markup to _define_ text passages. From headlines to lists, from block quotes to comments, you simply **type it in**. Like so.

Created for Mac. Built for the 21st century.

iCloud, Versions, Full Screen, Auto-Save, Resume, Spotlight, enhanced for Retina – Ulysses III is a modern, well-behaved OS X citizen. State of the art. No cross-platform compromises.

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I: Unified Library

You know it from Mail, iPhoto and other common apps: A single library that holds every piece of content. Ulysses III applies this idea to everything you write. Be it letters, notes, blog posts or a series of best-selling novels – it’s all there, just a click away.

II: iCloud Save’n’Sync

All content gets uploaded to iCloud and is automatically kept up-to-date on all your Macs. There’s no need to manually save, no need to initiate a sync-operation – it all just works, transparently, and in the background. Requires an iCloud account. Obviously.

III: Only on OS X

Ulysses III is a brand-new app and utilizes all the latest OS X features. From Retina graphics to the native Versions interface, from state restoration to rich media support, from iCloud to App Store updates – it couldn’t run on anything else. And it… won't.

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### Plain Text Enhanced

During the past ten years, plain text editing has gained a lot of momentum. Writers from all angles have come to appreciate its creative power and would never switch back. Still, the format leaves a lot to be desired. Images, links and footnotes produce clutter and make even the most well-structured text virtually unreadable. Enter Ulysses III.

Want to add a link? Type it in. An image? Drag it in. Footnotes? Videos? Annotations? Your turn.

Toyz n the HUD

Ulysses’ main window is all about content, and nothing but content. Advanced features are neatly tucked away for when you really need them. Favorites, Quick Export, Text Statistics, you name it.

Favorites HUD Quick Export HUD Counter HUD Image HUD Note HUD


Sharpening the Cutting Edge

Ulysses III is full of fresh ideas and innovations, with features set to inspire and spark creativity:
Don’t stop at so-called “established standards”. Question everything. Push the envelope. We did!

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Ulysses III Screen 1
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Quick Open: Press CMD-O to search, reveal and edit.

Smart Paste: Press and hold CMD-V to switch between paste options.

Edit-friendly Typewriter Scrolling: Press CMD-ALT-T to enable. Click to position.

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Making you look good…

Ulysses III will turn your plain texts into beautiful ebooks, reader-friendly web pages and standards-compliant manuscripts. Be it HTML, PDF, RTF, or even Word and ePub. All you need is… styles.

Styles Preview Custom Styles

I: Built-in styles

We ship with a basic set of export styles. From blog-like HTML to classic, novel-type PDF and finely tuned ePub – there’s something for everyone. And it’s all open for modification. In fact, we encourage you to tweak, so we let you call your preferred code editor from right within the prefs.

II: Live in-app preview

Whether you’re editing a blog post, or laying the final touches on a manuscript: Previews sure come in handy. Ulysses III offers dedicated PDF and HTML preview, featuring automatic background refresh. It’s perfect for proof reading, perfect for style tweaking, and perfect for saving, sharing or sending to 3rd party apps for further edits.

III: Add, extend, tweak

Built-ins are nice, but you probably want more. Thankfully, adding new styles is as easy as drag’n’drop. Ulysses III supports standard CSS for HTML and ePub, and its very own Ulysses Style Sheets (ULSS) for PDF, Word and Pages. To learn all about styles and how to create your own, visit our dedicated styles pages.

Full Daedalus Touch Integration

Start on the bus, continue at work, revise in bed and publish from the coffee shop.
Daedalus Touch for iOS is fully integrated into Ulysses’ library, with zero setup necessary.

Ulysses III Screen 2

If you use Daedalus Touch on iPad or iPhone, Ulysses III can automatically sync all your stacks and sheets back and forth via iCloud.

Revise History.

Versions Ui is great stuff. Brag about it.

Ulysses III Screen 3

Select an old paragraph and bring it back from the dead.

The Feature Rundown

# Beefed-Up, Minimalistic Three-Pane Interface Sources · Groups & Filters · Sheets · Select Across Sources · Select Multiple Groups & Filters · Edit Multiple Sheets as One · Search Across Sources · Single Search Match Highlights in Sidebar · Full Keyboard Navigation · Export and Statistics from Every Part of the Library · Quick Open # Most Advanced Text Editor On The Planet “Plain Text Enhanced” · Links, Lists, Quotes & Footnotes · Comments, Code, Keywords & Annotations · Drag’n’drop of Images and Videos · Preview of Images and Videos · Smart Paste · Smart Lists & Tags · Typewriter Scrolling · Text Structure Navigation · Bookmarks & Favorites · Multiple Text Statistics · Functional Markup Cheat Sheet # Design & Customization · Dark, Light, Pure and Paged Writing Modes · Several Hand-Picked Color Schemes · Free Choice of Editor Font · Inspiring Typography # Export Customizable Export Styles · Quick Export to PDF, Word, RTF, TXT, Markdown, HTML and ePub · Copy As HTML, RTF, Markdown and Plain Text · Paste From HTML, Markdown and RTF · Live preview of HTML and PDF # OS Integration Full iCloud Sync · Versions · Full Screen · Spelling and Grammar · Text Substitutions · Dictionary · Speech · Spotlight Search · QuickLook Preview · State Restoration · Sandboxing · Enhanced for Retina · Optimized for OS X Mavericks # Inside Jokes Full-fledged Support for Umlauts (Ä, Ü, Ö) · Apostrophes and Dashes · Auto-Capitalization When Holding the Shift Key · Line Breaks, Spaces and Left-To-Right Writing Direction · Simple Launch Via Double-Click # External Sources Import and Edit Text Files From Anywhere on Disk · Share Files Via Dropbox · Preview in Marked.App and Marked.App 2 # Technical Specifications Built for Mac · Requires OS X Lion · Optimized for OS X Mountain Lion & Mavericks · Some Features May Require Third-Party Accounts or Supporting Apps # License Standard App Store License ________ ____ ________ ____ ______


Ulysses III is the culmination of 18 months of hard work, sweat and tears, built upon a 10 years’ experience creating writers’ software for the Mac and iOS.

It’s built to inspire, to encourage experimentation, and to grow steadily along with whatever you’ll throw at it.

There may be shortcomings, errors even, and you will have questions. We are anxiously awaiting your feedback, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Let us know how it fares.

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